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How to Organize and Pack Your Kitchen When Moving

The kitchen is the most challenging room in the house to pack up. If you’re facing a residential move soon, don’t despair. There are ways to organize and pack your kitchen provided you have a well-thought-out plan. It may drive you nuts to think about all the shelves of dishes, heavy appliances, and gazillion gadgets […]


4 Tips for Moving Your San Antonio Corporate Office

Commercial moving is always a bit more challenging than a standard residential move. It can feel like moving a family of 200! Moving your office at one point or another is inevitable, especially as you grow. Here are some tips for moving your San Antonio corporate office so the process is as seamless and pain-free […]


5 Ways to Learn About a New City Before You Move

If moving to a new city is on your agenda, make research a part of your plan. You don’t want to blindly move somewhere without scouting it out first. Well before moving day, get online and on the phone to research anything from municipal services and cable providers to doctor’s offices and coffee shops. Book […]


6 Tips for Moving in a Week or Less

Moving is no doubt a time-intensive process. It’s best to have at least a month to plan, with another two weeks or so to do the actual packing and cleaning. But if you have found yourself facing a quick move in San Antonio, in a week or less, no need to stress out. It can […]


7 Tips for Displaying Art in Your New Place

Well, you did it – you successfully moved to your new home. Your belongings — art collection included — made it unscathed. Now it’s time to make the house yours, putting the finishing touches on your walls. Hanging your artwork is one of the best ways to turn your new house or apartment into a […]


How to Make Moving In and Living With Roommates Easy

Deciding to live with a roommate, whether that’s a long-established friend or a virtual stranger you need to help you pay the rent, has its pros and cons. Living with roommates can be very beneficial, from offsetting rent and mortgage costs, to the ability to carpool with someone to work, to simple companionship. However, spending […]