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How to Move a Freezer

If you’ve got a freezer to move as part of your home relocation, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle when you think about how you’ll actually move it. They’re naturally very heavy, whether you have a standalone freezer, a sub-zero freezer, or a standard fridge/freezer combo. With the average freezer weighing […]


What Does Moving Cost Your Stone Oak Business?

While certainly exciting and worthwhile, moving your business isn’t cheap. Most business moves are the result of company expansion or growth, but it’s important to keep costs in check and make sure things don’t get out of hand. If you’re on a budget and think you’ll save money by engaging in a DIY move, think […]


Tips for Using Plastic Bins for Your Move

When prepping for a move, you need a lot of receptacles to hold your clothing and other items. Your first thought is to pick up a bunch of cardboard boxes for packing. After all, they’re affordable, versatile, convenient, easily accessible, and 100% biodegradable. But using plastic boxes and bins for your move may end up […]


How to Use Furniture Sliders for Your Move

If you have a lot of heavy furniture to move, you may be stressing about how you will get it all out of your house without damaging the items themselves, not to mention the walls, ceilings and floors. Your best bet is to hire professional movers who can pack, disassemble, transport and assemble your furniture […]


Tips for Packing Your Bathroom

Packing your bathroom for a move will be an exercise in de-cluttering, as so many items in this room are probably outdated. From prescription medications to old creams and lotions, you can probably best start this task with a good purge. As such, packing a bathroom will start with tossing all the old stuff. Lotions […]


How to Throw a Killer Moving Party

Moving is tough and stressful, and you deserve a proper send off. Why not throw a moving-out party before you actually move so you can say goodbye to your friends and neighbors and let off a little steam in the process? Here’s how to throw a killer moving party: Invite Your Friends to Help Even […]