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Tips for Packing Your Bathroom

Packing your bathroom for a move will be an exercise in de-cluttering, as so many items in this room are probably outdated. From prescription medications to old creams and lotions, you can probably best start this task with a good purge. As such, packing a bathroom will start with tossing all the old stuff. Lotions […]


How to Throw a Killer Moving Party

Moving is tough and stressful, and you deserve a proper send off. Why not throw a moving-out party before you actually move so you can say goodbye to your friends and neighbors and let off a little steam in the process? Here’s how to throw a killer moving party: Invite Your Friends to Help Even […]


Organization Tips for Kids’ Bedrooms

Moving soon? You may be in the process of organizing your kids’ cluttered bedrooms and packing stuff up. Now’s the time to make a vow that their bedrooms in the new place will remain clutter-free and organized from day one. From toys and clothes to school papers and electronics, kids’ rooms easily become messy, seemingly […]


Where to Get Free Moving Boxes

Moving is expensive, no doubt about that. From hiring professionals (a wise investment by the way!) to buying a new house, moving comes with its fair share of costs. One way to keep those costs down is to use free moving boxes, whether you head to your local grocery store, liquor store or big box […]


Tips For Moving Your Plants

If you are making a move from one house to the other or from an apartment to a house, you know what a hassle it can be to pack up everything you own and transport it. But this is especially stressful if you have living things that are delicate and that need TLC to move, […]


Creating a Distraction-Free Office Space in Your Home

If you’re working more and more from home these days, you’re certainly not alone. Seems like everyone is doing the two-second commute, as hundreds of thousands of employees across the country have shifted at least partially to remote work. It’s important to have a distraction-free office space in the home so you can be comfortable, […]